Shiatsu care


An art Welfare

The session lasts half an hour to an hour lying on a futon and dressed lightly.

  • 1 hour 75 euros on futon
  • 1/2 hour on futons 40 euros

Shiatsu is a healing technique that uses various forms of finger pressure on the body to improve and maintain your health.

It appeals for the natural abilities of body self-regulation. Siatsu acts through the reflex of the nervous, circulatory, digestive ... which promotes the elimination of waste.

Shiatsu has been recognized by the European Parliament in 1997 as one of the eight non-conventional medicines are most effective. This is a treatment that consists of energy manual pressure performed on acupuncture points in order harmonize energy and activate the immune system.

It is a wellness care and prevention of diseases. It is suitable for the whole family. The effects of Shiatsu are multiple: it acts on the blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes spinal realignment, increases joint mobility and muscle flexibility, facilitates better pulmonary ventilation.
Shiatsu brings vitality and growth.

Its anti-stress enable deep relaxation, a let go and sleep quality, which induce a tension relief allowing a better adaptability to situations of everyday life ...

By its action on breathing, balance, stability and flexibility, efficient protocol can find the fullness of his body.
It promotes concentration and helps in the preparation of important dates such qu'examens, contests, competitions ...
Executed very gently and at your own pace, Shiatsu promotes the mobility of your body, relaxation and inner peace.